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Popcorn Fall

moving images

Shark Tank

Two new sharks make an offer the inventors cannot legally accept

Man alive, this page took me a while to do. I didn't know if I should split it into comedy and serious or short and long and then I thought, people love Whitman Samplers. Those chocolate boxes where you have no idea what bon-bon you're about to eat and most of them are delicious but then there are those horrible coconut ones hidden around.

An important lesson in beginner's Spanish

Spanish 101


Birds of a feather, scream together.


First dates can be tough

That's why Hogwarts uses owls.

Wary Witch

I Knew You Weren't Dead

What a wedding it was though.


I wrote and recorded these characters during quarantine. Can you tell?

Short Jokes About Modeling


Oh boy, you've gotten to the commercial portion of the page. Turn back now!

A Short Spec Made by Dana Tyan

Jim Gaffigan

I'm really only including this commercial because it was for Jim Gaffigan and that's fun!

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