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Arts and Crafts

You may think of this as the snootiest page on my website, as it's my art gallery. Imagine yourself here wearing thick, black rimmed glasses and a turtleneck, saying "I see" after each piece.

Dim the lights, we're starting with an artsy, independent film about an underdog hero struggling, living under the weight of big dreams. These are all hand drawn, painted acrylic panels.

A stop motion I created using MS Paint and endless time


I drew, burned and painted this Calvin and Hobbes on a slab of Walnut Basswood. The stars glow in the dark! 

I drew and painted this Bob's Burgers card for my friend's birthday- he's the one in the overalls


A painted brown bear...or well, I guess, blue bear. Maybe I was sad that day?

Penguin Dream- melted wax on canvas


Cosmic Elephant- watercolor pencils and silver paint on textured paper

Coming soon to Hound Box Office - colored pencils on paper


This tiny painting (it's like 3 inches wide) answers the age old question: What WOULD happen if Scrooge McDuck actually dove into a pile of gold.

Have you watched Infinity Train? You should! Then, come back and laugh about this card. I'm One One.


This is an Avatar the Last Airbender themed, wood burned box. The man on the box is an Earthbender and thus the box unlocks with metalbending, AKA moving a magnet across the box.

A Big Mouth inspired card. Are you remembering to nod your head and say "I see" with each piece? I hope so. You can always start over if you forgot.


This one is Castlevania themed! You'll notice I do a lot of themed cards...

Say Cheese.


Pink Fennec Fox in colored pencil

Laser cut geode slices and

metal one hitter


My friend loves The Animorphs series so I drew and burned him as an Animorph onto a book shaped wooden box.

We end as we began, with an independent art film set in a world where even the jolliest men have secrets. Made for a short holiday play I co-wrote called Murder on the Polar Express!

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